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Our flagship augmented reality application allows players to collect crypto, NFTs, Dexioprotocol gaming assets, DexiCash (non-blockchain in-game currency), and QR codes from local businesses while you explore the cities you know and love. There is nothing like this application anywhere in the world.

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Dexi Dragons is a competitive NFT game featuring adorable little dragons as the main characters. Players can collect, breed, and battle their dragons to become the ultimate Dragon Master. The game utilizes blockchain technology to ensure the uniqueness and ownership of each NFT cosmetic item that grants special abilities and stat boosts. As players progress through the game, they can unlock new dragons with rare abilities and traits. Players can also compete in tournaments and battles against other players to prove their dragon-training skills. With its cute and colorful art style, Dexi Dragons is sure to be a hit with NFT and dragon-loving players alike.

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Stake your $DEXI and $DGV for varying APRs

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Stake DEXI and earn DEXI!
30 Days - 5% APR
60 Days - 6% APR
90 Days - 7.5% APR
180 Days - 10% APR

Stake DGV and earn DGV!
30 Days - 10% APR
60 Days - 12.5% APR
90 Days - 15% APR
180 Days - 20% APR

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An augmented reality application that allows you to collect NFTs, crypto, and other assets while interacting in real world locations.

An arcade-style combat game for desktop. Compete against other players in a medieval world to upgrade your NFTs and collect digital assets.

Form your very own team of combat dragons and compete against other players in this mobile application. Upgrade your NFTs and hatch new dragons while you collect digital assets.

Trade in your DexiCash and play a variety of arcade and boardwalk-style games while you earn other gaming assets for our ecosystem.

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Build a deck of digital cards and compete against players for digital assets.

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A single-player RPG-style adventure that will eventually develop into our very own MMORPG.

Coming soon

A single-player RPG-style adventure that will eventually develop into our very own MMORPG.


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