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When did Dexioprotocol launch?
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Dexioprotocol was launched on the Binance Smart Chain network on May 5, 2021 with the introduction of its DEXI token. The Dexigas (DXG) token was subsequently launched on October 21, 2021.

Why does Dexioprotocol have two tokens? What is the difference between DEXI and DXG?
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Dexioprotocol is building its very own blockchain network, the Smart Dexio Network (SDN). Like any network, the SDN will have the ability to pair other tokens with DEXI, stake DEXI (in order to become a validator and to “mine” DEXIGAS), and participate in governance by holding DEXI. DEXIGAS is the utility token within our gaming ecosystem. But why? Because we want to have the flexibility that an in-game currency allows us as we expand our network and gaming ecosystem. Read more on the use cases of  DEXI and DXG here

Where can I purchase DEXI and DXG?
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DEXI is available on LBank or MEXC using USDT. DXG is also available on LBank using USDT. Both tokens can also be swapped for on PancakeSwap using BNB Smartchain. 

Who is the team behind Dexioprotocol?
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Read more about the team and their background here.

Where can I stake my tokens?
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Staking at 63.6912% APY(Compound) is available on LBank for both tokens with no minimum staking period. Quotas are in place for both tokens and it is recommended that interested holders check the quota capacity before migrating their tokens to LBank. Staking will be available on the DEXI Wallet after the project migrates to the Smart Dexio Network. Dexioprotocol reserves the right to change staking APY at any time.

What are the current tokenomics of DEXI and DXG?
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Both tokens currently have a 5% transaction fee on any contract call (buy, sell, transfer). The 5% tokenomics on DEXI is distributed to holders proportionally. The 5% tokenomics on DXG is split as 2% to the liquidity pool and 3% to holders. Dexioprotocol reserves the right to change the tokenomics at any time.

Why are the prices different between LBank or other centralized exchanges and PancakeSwap? Where can I see the “real” price of the token?
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In CEXs, the price is determined by the supply and demand of the token by the token traders. Buys and sells on the order book determine the price. In contrast, DEXs use an “automatic market market” to determine the price algorithmically as people trade against the liquidity pool. Websites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko pull data from both CEXs and DEXs and come up with a weighted price value based on the methodology found on their respective support pages. Learn more about the differences between CEXs and DEXs here.

Smart Dexio Network

What is the Smart Dexio Network?
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Smart Dexio Network, or SDN, is the future of digital networks. Our very own blockchain network to facilitate the world’s first super ecosystem. We are developing our own network to allow us to be as innovative and creative as possible without the constraints of other protocols. Our target goal is to enable the corporations, charities, projects, and small businesses we partner with to launch their very own token, paired with DEXI, so they can have the financial freedom to create their own financial ecosystem using blockchain technology.

When is the migration?
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The migration from the Binance Smart Chain network is currently expected to begin in late Q1 or early Q2. More details around the migration launch and instructions on how to migrate your tokens will become available closer to migration date.

How will my token count change on migration?
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In order for us to compete with larger tokens, we are reducing the supply of DEXI and DXG on migration. DEXI V1 will be swapped for DEXI V2 at a ratio of 1000:1. DXG V1 will be swapped for DXG V2 at a ratio of 100:1. In other words, take your total DEXI token amount, divide it by 1000, and that will be your token count on V2.

Does the supply reduction of DEXI and DXG mean that my tokens are worth less money?
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No. The market capitalization of the tokens would remain the same so while your token count is reduced, the value of each token is increased by the same 1000 or 100 migration factor. If you own $100 of DEXI V1, you will own $100 DEXI V2.

Do my tokens need to be on the Dexi Wallet to migrate?
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No. Your tokens live on the blockchain and not in any specific wallet, including Dexi Wallet. During migration you’ll be able to connect any wallet to DexiSwap.

Will I lose 5% of my DEXI or DXG on migration?
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The tokenomics for both tokens will be disabled for a period of time after the migration window opens. This window will not be unlimited so timely migration is encouraged to avoid the transaction tax.

Do I have to migrate off of BSC?
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No, we cannot make you migrate your tokens held in your wallet. If you hold your tokens on an exchange, it is likely that some exchanges will handle the V1 to V2 migration automatically and delist the prior contract address. You can still continue to swap your V1 tokens on PancakeSwap but that will become increasingly difficult over time.

Can any token launch on the Smart Dexio Network?
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No. Projects and their teams will be researched before being allowed to launch their tokens on the Smart Dexio Network to minimize intentional malicious and fraudulent acts. 

DexiMarketplace & DXG Game Emporium

What is the difference between the two NFT marketplaces?
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The DexiMarketplace is a marketplace for creators and enthusiasts to buy and sell NFTs created by the general community and Dexioprotocol fanbase using DEXI as the currency. The DXG GameEmporium serves as the place to purchase and sell game assets NFTs using Dexigas. Users cannot create their own content on this marketplace, but can sell the NFTs they find in-game or have previously purchased and upgraded through gameplay.

What is the currency of the marketplaces?
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The DexiMarketplace uses DEXI as its currency while the GameEmporium uses DXG.

How much does it cost to mint an NFT on the DexiMarketplace?
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Currently there are no fees paid to Dexioprotocol for minting on the DexiMarketplace. You will need to hold sufficient BNB, however, to pay the gas fees as governed by BSC.

How does tokenomics and royalty impact the profitability of the NFTs I have for sale?
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Be sure to factor in the current 5% tokenomics and review any royalties that will be sent to the NFT artist on resale. For example, assume you sell an NFT for 800,000 DEXI that has a 20% royalty attached. 160,000 DEXI would be sent to the creator (and they would receive 152,000 DEXI after-tax) and 640,000 would be sent to your wallet (608,000 DEXI after-tax).

What is an “upgradeable NFT?”
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Upgradable or Dynamic NFTs have the ability to evolve over time from on or off-chain actions. Let’s say you purchase a NFT weapon on the DXG GameEmporium to play within DexiKnights. As you battle enemies, the weapon will “level up” and become more powerful. You can later resell this weapon to the DXG GameEmporium and fetch a higher price than originally paid since the weapon is now more valuable through gameplay.

What happens to my NFTs after we migrate to the Smart Dexio Network?
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DexiNFTs will also be migrated to the Smart Dexio Network for them.

Gaming Ecosystem

Does it cost money to play Dexioprotocol games?
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Dexioprotocol aims to create a play-to-earn ecosystem as opposed to pay-to earn. Our vision is a world where blockchain technology is mainstream and infinitely more people are connected by it. Money should not be a barrier to introduce more of the globe to blockchain in order to complete our vision. Outside of the gas fees required for blockchain transactions, there is no cost to participate in our games at some level.

What games are currently available in the Dexioprotocol Ecosystem?
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DexiKnights is the only game currently available and is in open beta now. DexiDragons and DexiCarnival is in development now. Check out the Games page for more details.  

How do I access/play DexiKnights?
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You can download DexiKnights for PC or Mac at

How do I access/play DexiHunter?
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DexiHunter in currently in closed beta with select cities, Dexi staff, certain crypto influencers, and whitelisted Dexioprotocol holders. Once available to the larger public, the mobile app will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for download. 

Do I need to own DEXI or DXG to play Dexioprotocol games?
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It depends on the game. DexiKnights can be downloaded and played for free without being a holder of either tokens. Within DexiHunter and once on the Smart Dexio Network, the network gas fees required DXG to collect the in-game assets. More details per game will become available as the games near their launch dates.


I purchased cryptocurrency but it’s not showing in DexiWallet. What should I do?
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First, check the blockchain explorer transaction and ensure it has fully recorded the transaction. Congested networks can slow down the speed of the blockchain you traded on. Second, compare the contract address on your wallet against the contract address the blockchain transaction shows as being the recipient wallet address. It is a common error to send coins to the wrong wallet. Third, make sure you have the token enabled to show in the wallet using the “add coin” feature. Tokens may not automatically appear in the wallet just because they’re connected to the address. For additional help, contact or ask a moderator for help in the Telegram chat.

Will Dexioprotocol ever contact me regarding my DexiWallet?
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No. Dexioprotocol will never contact you regarding your DexiWallet and will never ask for your seed phrase. The seed phrase is private to only you and sharing the seed phrase comprises the security of your wallet.

I lost my seed phrase. Can Dexioprotocol provide me access to my wallet?
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No. Your seed phrase is completely private and known only to you. Dexioprotocol does not have copies of DexiWallet seed phrases.

Do I need to hold DEXI/DXG in DexiWallet in order to migrate to V2v
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No, you can migrate to the V2 contract address using any wallet.

Do I have to manually transfer all of my coins to DexiWallet if I want to use it as my main wallet?
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No. To avoid the transaction tax, it is not recommended that you transfer your tokens from your old wallet to the DexiWallet but to import your seed phrase instead. Within the DexiWallet, select the “restore” option and input the seed phrase from the wallet where your tokens are currently stored. Remember that your tokens are stored on the blockchain, not on any particular wallet. Wallets are just windows to your blockchain and the seed phrase can be imported on any wallet provider.

Is staking available in DexiWallet?
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Staking is not currently available on the DexiWallet. After migrating to the Smart Dexio Network, DEXI can be staked to earn DXG (the in-game currency and gas token for the network).

Does DexiWallet have a native swap function?
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The current version of DexiWallet uses the PancakeSwap engine in the background. DexiSwap will be introduced as the swap engine after migration and includes farming features.

Do I earn extra reflections if I hold DEXI/DXG in DexiWallet?
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No, there are no extra reflections available by using DexiWallet. The reflections to each wallet are determined by the contract, not by the choice of wallet.


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