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When did Dexioprotocol launch?
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Dexioprotocol was launched on the Binance Smart Chain network on May 5, 2020 with the introduction of its DEXI token. The Dexigas (DXG) token was subsequently launched on October 21, 2020. On September 9, 2022, Dexioprotocol migrated to Polygon and merged its two tokens into one single DEXI V2 token.

Where can I purchase DEXI ?
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DEXI is available to swap on Elk.Finance, paired with $USDC and $ELK. Many other Polygon tokens can be used to swap as well via multi-hop through their DEX. The token is also paired with $USDT on LBank and MEXC.

Who is the team behind Dexioprotocol?
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Read more about the team and their background here.

Where can I stake my tokens?
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You can stake DEXI for DEXI  at

Learn more about how to navigate the staking application and how to stake, claim, and withdraw your assets here.

What are the maximum and total supplies of the token?
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DEXI has a maximum supply of 250 million, though only 50 million was minted upon the Polygon launch. The smart contract allows for a max of 10% of the total supply to be minted each year at the discretion of Dexioprotocol. This mint function will be governed through the DexiDAO.

During the first few days of the Polygon launch, a small burn was on the token. The resulting Total Supply is 49.88 million.

What are the current taxes on DEXI?
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Current taxes on the DEXI token are as follows:

Buy: 5%
Sell: 1%
Transfer: 0%

The taxes are used to enhance and support the liquidity pool. Dexioprotocol reserves the right to change these taxes at any time.

Migration off of the Binance Smart Chain

Why did Dexioprotocol make the decision to migrate?
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There were many factors that played an important role in this decision and we feel it will accelerate our growth, providing many new opportunities that we may not have had on the BSC. On September 9, 2022 we went live on Elk.Finance on the Polygon network. This move has given us the occasion to make advanced upgrades to all of our smart contracts across our entire ecosystem, creating better user experiences, a more secure protocol, and allowing for needed flexibility as we continue to evolve and adapt in this ever-changing space.

What does it mean to be multi-chain?
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Migration to Polygon is the first step to being found on multiple chains, like Avalanche, Cronos, or Fantom. Expanding across many chains provides an opportunity to grow with a more diverse community, offers unique marketing and development opportunities unique to each chain, and helps fulfill our goal of introducing more people to the possibilities of blockchain technology.

I’m still holding my V1 or DXG tokens? How do I migrate?
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The ONLY link for migration is Scammers are lurking everywhere. Dexioprotocol will never ask you for your 12-word seed phrase. Make sure you’re connecting to the official migration site on our domain and keep your wallet safe!

DexiWallet FAQs

Why are you collecting my wallet addresses?
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You have the opportunity to collect blockchain assets through the DexiHunter gameplay. We need to know where to send these assets as you redeem them. They exist on the blockchain and you must have an appropriate blockchain asset to receive them. You can choose not to participate in any blockchain redemptions, which is perfectly fine, but you must provide an address if you change your mind.

Where do I find my wallet addresses?
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Go to your wallet of choice and select “receive” to find your wallet addresses for each token listed. In TrustWallet, for example, find BTC in your wallet (or enable it through the “Add Tokens” feature). Instructions on how to use your wallet provide of choice can be found on each wallet’s help page and it is your responsibility to understand how your crypto wallet works. Not all wallets will have all tokens available in the “search” menu of their application. You may need to import a “custom token” to add it to your wallet by adding its contract address.

Can I use an exchange address vs a non-custodial address?
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While it is advisable that you use a non-custodial wallet (not your keys, not your crypto) you may use a custodial wallet if you choose. It is your responsibility to ensure that the token/coin is supported by your exchange and stays supported by your exchange. Not all exchanges support all tokens/coins, even if they are all EVM-compatible. It is not the responsibility of Dexioprotocol to monitor your accounts, your exchanges, or the validity/accuracy of the wallets you provide.

What is an EVM address / EVM compatibility?
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EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine which means all Ethereum-like blockchains and smart contract are written and defined by the same computing rules and programming. From a user side, it means that all of your wallet addresses will be the same. Popular EVM chains include: Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, and many more. has a complete list of the EVM chains. If you’ve ever wondered why receiving DEXI and receiving ETH in your wallet is the same address, EVM is the answer.

Do I have to use the same wallet for all EVM addresses?
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Nope! You may do as you please. If you want to spread your tokens across different wallet addresses/providers that is certainly your prerogative. Just another reminder that you are responsible for making sure your wallet address is accurate and you have access. If you wanted to send your MATIC to an exchange and your DEXI to your non-custodial hot wallet, that’s perfectly fine. Just make sure that any exchange address you provide fully supports (and stays supporting) the token/coin. 

I’m using MetaMask. How do I add Bitcoin?
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MetaMask supports Ethereum-based chains only. Only your EVM assets can be stored here. That said, do not try to give us an address to send Bitcoin directly to your MetaMask. Neither MetaMask or Dexioprotocol will be able to retrieve your coins for you. Non-EVM assets in Hunter include: BTC, ATOM, and FTM.

What happens if I give you the wrong address?
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It is your responsibility, and only your responsibility, to provide the correct address(es) for asset redemptions. Dexioprotocol cannot retrieve or “undo” transactions sent because you have provided the wrong address or issue refunds for the cost of redemptions used for those redemptions. Be sure to check your wallet addresses for accuracy and that you still have access to that wallet before requesting blockchain redemptions. 

What happens if I leave an address blank?
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All addresses must be populated before the form can be saved. 

Gaming Ecosystem

Do I need to own $DEXI or pay-to-play Dexioprotocol games?
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No. All of our games can be played with or without a wallet, and with or without DEXI. Our vision is a world where blockchain technology is mainstream and infinitely more people are connected by it. Money should not be a barrier to introduce more of the globe to blockchain in order to complete our vision. All games can be played using the in-game weapons. You can choose to purchase non-blockchain weapons and armor if you are not a crypto user, exactly like other non-blockchain games. You can also choose to spend DEXI on blockchain gear. The choice is absolutely up to the game in how they want to interact with the games.

What games are currently available in the Dexioprotocol Ecosystem?
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DexiKnights is currently available and can be downloaded through now. You can find download instructions here.
DexiDragons is in public beta. Download the beta on iOS or Android now!
DexiHunter completed a five-city beta in April 2022 and public beta began in September 2022. Download the beta on iOS or Android now!
Check out the Roadmap for more information on when other games are expected for release and read up on each game on the Games page.


What is the difference between the CreatorHub and GameVault?
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The CreatorHub is a marketplace for creators and enthusiasts to buy and sell NFTs created by the general community and Dexioprotocol fanbase using DEXI as the currency. The GameVault serves as the place to purchase and sell game assets NFTs using DEXI. Users cannot create their own content on this marketplace, but can sell the NFTs they find in-game or have previously purchased and upgraded through gameplay.

What is the currency of the NFTEmporium?
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The NFTEmporium uses DEXI as a currency. You will need $MATIC to support the Polygon gas fees. The Smart Contracts have been set up to accept a variety of currencies and we may allow the option to mint/sell in different currencies in the future.

How much does it cost to mint an NFTEmporium?
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There are no fees paid to Dexioprotocol for minting on the CreatorHub. You will need to hold sufficient $MATIC, however, to pay the gas fees as governed by Polygon.

How does taxes and royalties impact the profitability of the NFTs I have for sale?
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There are no taxes on transfers of the DEXI token so you do not need to take that into consideration. You will need to consider the royalties charged to the artist or the GameVault upon selling your NFTs though. For example, assume you sell an NFT for 100 DEXI that has a 20% royalty attached. 20 DEXI would be sent to the creator and 80 would be sent to your wallet. All royalties are published on the asset page and can be viewed before purchasing an NFT.

What is an “upgradeable NFT?”
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Upgradable or Dynamic NFTs have the ability to evolve over time from on or off-chain actions. Let’s say you purchase a NFT weapon on the GameVault to play within DexiKnights. As you battle enemies, the weapon will "level up" and become more powerful. You can later resell this weapon on the GameVault and potentially fetch a higher price than originally paid since the weapon is now more valuable through gameplay.

DexiWallet App

More info
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We have discontinued support of the DexiWallet. Please import your 12 or 24 word seedphrase or private key into another wallet. Most of our community uses TrustWallet, MetaMask, or SafePal, but there are many, many options to choose from. If you have any questions, please email


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