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We are in the process of building out our own network, the Smart Dexio Network (SDN). Why? Having our own network is a critical aspect of building our super ecosystem. By having our own network we will be able to pair other tokens with DEXI (please see whitepaper for more understanding of this concept), minimize gas fees, increase the speed of transactions, manage governance, and implement the changes we will undoubtedly need to make as we continually adapt to the rapidly changing environment that is crypto.

DEXI Will Be Essential

Like any network, the SDN will have the ability to pair other tokens with DEXI, stake DEXI (in order to become a validator and to “mine” DEXIGAS), and participate in governance. In other words, DEXI will be a vital component of the network. We have had many conversations internally, with industry partners, as well as community and team members that have helped us in our continuing understanding of how we can make all of this work to its greatest potential. DEXI will be the native token of the Smart Dexio Network, playing an absolutely essential role.

Balanced Liquidity

As part of our commitment to innovate and stay on the cutting edge of the blockchain revolution, we will be introducing a concept we call "Balanced Liquidity."

Using shared liquidity pools from synergistic partners, we will create hedged leverage in the liquidity pools we create in the Smart Dexio Network. This will enable projects and partner businesses a cost-effective way of launching their own tokens on our network while still taking advantage of all of the potential opportunities.

Coming soon