The GameVault allows users to buy and sell game assets for the Dexioprotocol gaming ecosystem. Only Dexioprotocol can mint NFTs onto the GameVault contract address. Again, we can mint and make use of literally ANY crypto payment method we wish. This opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of revenue generation but also the use of many different NFTs within the gaming ecosystem from many different projects.

All NFTs minted by Dexioprotocol carry a 10% royalty fee paid by the seller on resale. These funds are used for operations throughout the entire project.

Migrating to the CreatorHub or GameVault

There are many NFT projects that want to join a larger community, have better visibility, or change something about their NFTs. All of this can be done by migrating to our CreatorHub through our proprietary migration system.

This process can also be facilitated for ANY NFT game project that wants to migrate to the GameVault and gaming ecosystem.

There are many gaming projects that have yet to build a viable game or have failed to produce a game that people enjoy playing, but they may have a large community of NFT owners. Those NFT owners could migrate their existing NFTs to our gaming ecosystem and so create utility for their assets, breathing life back into them. This could also be done to allow gaming NFT creators (gaming project devs) an opportunity to “upgrade” those NFTs to include attributes, allowing them to become far more valuable to their community. It is also possible to just allow the NFTs themselves to operate within our games WITHOUT migrating them into our GameVault as our game system can read and implement specific static attributes for any NFT on any contract address we wish to add.

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