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Why Gaming?

Our vision is a world in which blockchain technology is mainstream and vastly more people are connected by it. And what better way to connect people than through gaming.
Arguably, the best way to learn new skills is by playing one kind of game or another. And many corporations and institutions use gaming to connect co-workers and teammates in fun and innovative ways. Gaming, cryptocurrency, and the blockchain are no different. We want to use the power of interactive gaming to help encourage people from all walks of life, from all over the world to use cryptocurrencies and the blockchains they are built on.

Our Plans

According to the International Trade Administration, the global video game industry was valued at $159.3 billion in 2020, with 2.7 billion gamers worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic actually drove sales up at a higher than expected rate in 2020. That trend continued into 2021 as the industry grew by another 1.4% and by all accounts, 2022 looks like it will be another banner year for the industry with some projecting that by 2027 the gaming market will be valued at nearly $340 billion. It is estimated in the US alone, 75% of all households have at least one self-identified gamer. The trend is clear; gaming is huge and it is here to stay.
Dexioprotocol is capitalizing on this phenomenon and introducing several new gaming applications to build a modern, blockchain-based gaming ecosystem with traditional gaming revenue streams intact. Our niche in this space is connecting the infinite possibilities of blockchain technology and smart contracts with the interactive and engaging mediums of role-playing and augmented reality gaming.

Our Gaming Ecosystem

Our gaming ecosystem is developing into a vast interconnected platform for players, businesses, crypto projects, and other organizations to connect with one another, attract targeted new clients, build meaningful new relationships, and have amazing new experiences. There is absolutely no limit to this groundbreaking phenomenon. Our integrated super-login system enables players to collect digital assets in the form of crypto and NFTs and well as non-blockchain in-game assets that can be used throughout the entire gaming ecosystem. This ensures that all of our games are connected yet unique, allowing for the highest level of game-play and player retention. Incorporating a hybrid business model and multi-tiered revenue streams as well as interactive player performance data used to match players competitively in tournaments and player vs. player competitions, we are ensuring the highest levels of gaming as well as sustainable play-to-earn mechanics.

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DexiHunter logo

An augmented reality application that allows you to collect NFTs, crypto, and other assets while interacting in real world locations.

DexiKnights logo

An arcade-style combat game for desktop. Compete against other players in a medieval world to upgrade your NFTs and collect digital assets.

DexiDragons logo

Form your very own team of combat dragons and compete against other players in this mobile application. Upgrade your NFTs and hatch new dragons while you collect digital assets.

DexiCarnival logo

Trade in your DexiCash and play a variety of arcade and boardwalk-style games while you earn other gaming assets for our ecosystem.

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DexiHero logo

Build a deck of digital cards and compete against players for digital assets.

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Legends of the Dexiverse logo

A single-player RPG-style adventure that will eventually develop into our very own MMORPG.

DexiGamecenter logo

An interactive space for gaming projects from all over the world to connect and incubate new ideas and groundbreaking games on the Smart Dexio Network.

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Coming soon