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Dexioprotocol Gaming Ecosystem

Why Gaming?

One of the most important ways that we learn, connect with others, and adopt new ideas is through the process of playing games. Gaming activities are an extremely powerful tool in; early education, school & playground athletics, organized activities within our churches, mosques, & synagogues, and even in our corporate team building exercises & retreats. There is no denying how important gaming has been throughout all of human history as an aspect of integration and adoption of shared values and new ideas as well as a powerful means of connecting with one another.

Our Plans

According to the International Trade Administration, a US based government agency, the global video game industry was valued at $159.3 billion in 2020, with 2.7 billion gamers worldwide. A staggering $77.2 billion was generated from mobile gaming alone, a 13.3% increase over the year prior. The COVID-19 pandemic actually drove sales up at a higher than expected rate in 2021 and some estimates have the industry growing by close to 15% in 2022. In other words, this is very big business and is growing at an astounding rate. It is estimated in the US alone, 75% of all households have at least one self-identified gamer. International statistics for this are more difficult to obtain but the trend is clear; gaming is huge and it is here to stay.

Our Gaming Ecosystem

Our gaming ecosystem is a an ever-expanding interconnected platform for players, businesses, crypto projects, and other organizations to connect with one another, attract targeted new clients, build meaningful relationships, and have incredible experiences. There is absolutely no limit to this groundbreaking phenomenon. We have created an integrated login system that we call DexiConnect that enables our users to collect assets in any one of our games and use those assets in our other games. This is important for user retention. Many gamers become bored easily with a game they have been playing. Good gaming companies keep their users engaged by creating interesting lore and have strategically timed releases to motivate their users to come back. We are doing all of that and also allowing our users to take assets they have earned or purchased in one game and make use of them in another. This will ensure continued user support as players pivot from one game to another looking for fresh visuals and new challenges.

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An augmented reality application that allows you to collect NFTs, crypto, and other assets while interacting in real world locations.

An arcade-style combat game for desktop. Compete against other players in a medieval world to upgrade your NFTs and collect digital assets.

Form your very own team of combat dragons and compete against other players in this mobile application. Upgrade your NFTs and hatch new dragons while you collect digital assets.

Trade in your DexiCash and play a variety of arcade and boardwalk-style games while you earn other gaming assets for our ecosystem.

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Build a deck of digital cards and compete against players for digital assets.

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A single-player RPG-style adventure that will eventually develop into our very own MMORPG.

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A single-player RPG-style adventure that will eventually develop into our very own MMORPG.

An interactive space for gaming projects from all over the world to connect and incubate new ideas and groundbreaking games on the Smart Dexio Network.

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