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All of our applications are designed to support our ecosystem and facilitate our mission. Outside of of our games we have three products and we are in the process of developing our very own Layer 1 (L1) network. Throughout the lifespan of Dexioprotocol, we have developed several products that we later decided were not core to our mission. This is an important characteristic and something that distinguishes us from many other crypto projects and businesses.

As was stated, we are guided by our mission of adoption, utility and sustainability as well as the principles of authenticity, integrity, and transparency. We measure everything we do against that mission and those principles. When it is clear that something we are doing no longer meets that criteria, we are not afraid to pivot to something that does.


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Native token of the Dexioprotocol ecosystem. Use DEXI to buy DEXI NFTs, stake DEXI for passive income or to participate in the DexiDAO & DexiZones.

A non-blockchain in-game currency that supports the traditional economy of the gaming ecosystem.

Reward Redemptions

Individual vouchers which enables gamers to redeem their earned or awarded blockchain assets.

The only place in the world where you can mint, buy, or sell NFTs using DEXI.

The only place in the world where you can buy or sell Dexioprotocol Gaming NFTs.

The world's first fully functioning bridge between traditional enterprise and the Web3 revolution.

The governance token of the DexiDAO used to vote within the DAO on matters the DAO is chartered to maintain.

A decentralizes autonomous organization charged with maintaining the democratized success of the Dexioprotocol ecosystem through its charter

Our very own Layer 1 network being developed to support the unique ecosystem of Dexioprotocol.