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Dexi icon

The native coin of the native. Stake Dexi in the DexiWallet or become a validator on the network with DexiGov.

DXG iconDexigas logo

The in-game currency that powers the gaming ecosystem. Mine Dexigas by staking Dexi in the wallet.

DexiCash iconDexiCash logo

A non-blockchain in-game currency to support more traditional forms of gaming economics.

DexiWallet iconDexiWallet logo

The future of digital wallets. An ultra-secure, state-of-the-art digital wallet for browser or mobile application, complete with an integrated swap.

DexiSwap iconDexiSwap logo

The future of digital exchanges. The only place in the world where you can swap assets on Smart Dexio Network.

DexiMarketplace iconDexiMarketplace logo

The only place in the world you can buy, sell, and create NFTs using Dexi.

GameEmporium logo

Buy and sell game NFTs using DXG.

DexiGov iconDexiGov logo

A security issued by Dexioprotocol which will be acquired through staking DEXI directly with the project.

DexiPay iconDexipay logo

As part of our mission to be the world's first fully functioning super-ecosystem, plans are underway to create our very own crypto-based payment system.