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DexiHunter is an application that gives users access to a worldwide AR universe, which we affectionately call the Dexiverse. Within the Dexiverse there are AR bounties placed around the globe in the form of tokens, NFTs, and game coins. Collecting these bounties is incredibly rewarding on many levels. First and foremost, individuals can add to their digital portfolio simply by playing the game. Additionally, the players, or “Hunters”, are required to do physical activity to collect the bounties. The app is also fitted with a health tracker to monitor steps, geolocation, and other metrics. The Hunters are rewarded for their participation and have increasing chances to earn more rewards that directly reflect their activity level. Lastly, in order to collect certain tokens or NFT bounties, Hunters must answer one to three questions about the token or NFT they are collecting. This makes the game not only rewarding on a financial and material level but also educational.

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