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Stake your $DEXI and $DGV for varying APRs

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Stake DEXI and earn DEXI!
30 Days - 5% APR
60 Days - 6% APR
90 Days - 7.5% APR
180 Days - 10% APR

Stake DGV and earn DGV!
30 Days - 10% APR
60 Days - 12.5% APR
90 Days - 15% APR
180 Days - 20% APR

Earn passively on your $DEXI and $DGV by staking. Every term period has a different APR and is locked for the period in which your tokens are staked. Dexioprotocol has no custody of your assets, they are locked in a contract which can easily be viewed on the Polygon network and can only be retrieved by the wallet that performed the stake. Dexioprotocol is not responsible in any way for the security of your non-custodial wallet used to stake your tokens. For more information about our user agreement and terms, please visit