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An extremely competitive player vs. player (PVP)/player vs. environment (PVE) game uses upgradable NFTs and invites you into an imaginary world where you’ll be able to battle your way through realms, challenge other players, and upgrade your weapons and armor directly through gameplay.

Campaign Mode: A single-player mode where players are able to progress through various maps and kill enemies. The goal of campaign mode is to kill as many enemies as you can to level up your NFT weapon.

Survival Mode: Face endless waves of enemies in single or multiplayer combat.

PVP: Fight to the death in gladiator-style competitions with other DexiKnights. We have integrated a sustainable model for play-to-earn in which the “revenue” generated through the sale of NFT weapons and Battle Passes (NFTs that give varying degrees of access to the PVP competition) is used to redistribute to the players on a weekly, monthly and seasonal basis. PVP competitions are tracked through a Match Maker Ranking (MMR) system.

Tournament: Bracketed tournament competitions hosted by Dexioprotocol and sponsored by one of our partnering businesses or projects. Reward pools are created from our sponsors and entry fees. Only the top players in the tournament reap those rewards. These tournaments are entirely PVP based and have a varying number of entrants, reward pools, and allocation of rewards.

DexiKnights FAQ

How do I install Dexi Knights?
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Step 1 : Download the app (

Step 2 : Install on your computer

Step 3 : Create a free account on

Step 4 :
Open the itch app, log in, and in the search bar type “Dexi Knights

Step 5 :
Press Install, and Play

How do I connect my Wallet?
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DexiKnights will currently ask you to either login or register an account when you start the game. If you are registering a new account, you can use Wallet Connect on your new GameVault profile. The profile that is connected to your wallet will check for NFTs that can be used inside Dexi Knights ( Weapons, Armor Sets, etc. ). Please ensure you use whichever wallet address you connect to your profile is the one that contains your Dexi Knights NFT items. If you do not see your NFT weapons in-game, navigate back to the GameVault, log into your profile, and make sure the right Wallet is connected.

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When inside the game, the inventory button from the Main Menu takes you to your weapons collection. This screen is where you can select which weapon and armor items you would like to equip, before entering whichever Game Mode you would like to play in.

NOTE : Non-NFT weapons do not level up with kills.

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The Shop button will open up an in-game shop where you can buy non-blockchain items!

If you’re interested in purchasing NFT weapons/armors, check out our GameVault!

DexiKnights Game Modes

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The Dungeons are where you will be able to grind and upgrade your NFT items. The Items Level Up based on the amount of kills that you get in the Dungeon, while you have each item equipped. The Dungeons will increase in difficulty at each stage.The Dungeons are a “leveling” ground for your weapons and a grinding chance for all players. You will gain Dexi Cash ( our in-game currency ) with every kill of an enemy. At the end of the levels, you will face a Dungeon Boss, who if defeated, will give you a chance to win a certain multiplier (x2, x3, x4, x5) of your gained Dexi Cash or a non-blockchain item!

The First Dungeon
is meant to be an introductory level, where there is nothing to lose or gain. There are 11 enemies, and no reward, except the satisfaction of slashing through the demons :)However, after you are ready and trained, you will be able to go through the rest of the dungeons and slash for Dexi Cash. Each kill will bring you 2 Dexi Cash, which you will be able to spend later inside the game. Do not forget the Dungeon Boss Multiplier that can increase your reward or drop an item. So for example: You slash your way to the dungeon killing 10 enemies, that will fill your pocket with 20 Dexi Cash. If you defeat the Dungeon Boss, that prize wheel has a chance to land on a random multiplier, let’s say x3. That is 60 Dexi Cash from one dungeon!
- If you kill
3 enemies, and die, those 3 kills still get added to your Level Up progress of your NFT weapons, and you will get your Dexi Cash for those 3 kills.
In the near future, these NON Block-Chain items will contain icons, player banners, collectables for in-game usage, etc.*NOTE: Dungeons do not pay NFT items or Crypto!

If you want to check the Damage Tables click -> Weapons DAMAGE Tables

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The PVP is the fighting ground for all the players to go against each other, in a live battle. You will be able to use your NFT items and compete against other Knights for prizes.

The PVP will be locked. In order to enter, and fight in the PVP Arenas, you will have to spend 1,000 Dexi Cash (In-Game Currency) per Match, OR you can get the REGULAR BATTLE PASS.

The Battle Pass

The Battle Pass will be sold as an NFT on the emporium! This way you will be able to get inside the PVP Arenas for FREE, once every 30 minutes, and you will have special discounts if you want to skip the timer. You won't be required to spend 1,000 Dexi Cash, instead you will only have to spend 250. If you do not have the 250 Dexi Cash in order to skip the timer, you can always go into the Dungeons and slash for Dexi Cash!.

The Battle Pass
will include special cosmetics, skins, items and more.

The Battle Pass will have one more edition - Ultimate Battle Pass. This item will also be auctioned as an NFT, and will be a bit more expensive, but it will grant you unlimited free entry inside of the PVP Arenas. Players that will get the Ultimate Battle Pass will be able to enter the PVP Arenas as much as they want, for free, therefore climb the leaderboard much faster.

Endless Mode
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The endless mode is a convenient game mode for people who want to level up their NFT weapons without having to load or run through a whole dungeon. Or maybe try their skill and see how long they can survive the massive enemy waves.

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Start download

Step 2

Search through the app for DexiKnights to install.

For full download instructions visit