What are DexiZones?

DexiZones are immutable geo-fenced regions whose borders are defined by the DexiDAO. These can be entire cities or sections of a city. They can also be much larger areas like an entire State or Province. A DexiZone can have other DexiZones operating within it, meaning that a DexiZone operator can, with the permission of the DexiDAO, carve out portions of their DexiZone and create subordinate DexiZones within their geo-fenced region.

How are DexiZones created?

All of the initial 250 DexiZones created by the DexiDAO will be determined largely on the basis of the individuals that were whitelisted in Q4 2022. The DexiZone NFTs are the proof of ownership of a given DexiZone geo-fenced area. Owners of the DexiZone NFTs are able to sell their DexiZone NFT at any time to anyone they wish. A 25% royalty fee will be included with every resale of a DexiZone NFT and collected by the DexiDAO. Those funds will be used at the discretion of the DexiDAO and distributed or held in reserve.

Operating a DexiZone

Operating a DexiZone requires membership to the DexiDAO and ownership of DexiGov, the governance token of the DexiDAO. A DexiZone NFT owner who has staked 20K DEXI v2 and is a member in good standing of the DexiDAO is considered to be a DexiZone operator. A DexiZone operator is entitled to collect a percentage (will vary per DexiZone and be subject to change only when a DexiZone NFT is purchased and a new operator takes over) of every redeemed crypto bounty that is collected within the borders of their DexiZone. This is actually paid by the user redeeming the bounty. Users are notified when they have entered or are collecting in a particular DexiZone and informed that a percentage of all of their redeemed crypto will be issued to the DexiZone operator as a royalty fee for collecting within that DexiZone.
Furthermore, DexiZone operators will be issued varying amounts of DEXI v2 for every redeemed NFT and non-blockchain item that has been collected in their DexiZone.

The DexiDAO will operate a pool of DEXI v2 funded by NFT sales, NFT royalties, and other activities. The amount of DEXI v2 issued by the DexiDAO to the DexiZone operators for redeemed NFTs and non-blockchain items collected in their DexiZone will be dispersed to those operators as a collective percentage reflective of the total number of redeemed NFTs and non-blockchain items collected intheir respective DexiZone, as it relates to the total number of redeemed NFT and non-blockchain assets in all DexiZones, globally.
The DexiZone operator will be issued their royalties by the DexiDAO on the 5th business day of each month. Totals will be tracked through our Admin Panel and the DexiZone operators will be able to view their accrued royalties at any time.
Furthermore, DexiZone operators will have the full support of Dexioprotocol and the DexiDAO to bring on business partners and crypto projects that wish to take advantage of the incredible technology behind DexiHunter. Augmented reality assets will be produced, QR codes and business vouchers will be created, and tracking will be implemented on the Admin Panel for both the DexiZone operators, as well as the partnering businesses and crypto projects.

Building a DexiZone Business

Every DexiZone operator is entitled and encouraged to develop their own DexiZone. The more opportunities there are for users to collect and redeem assets within their zone, the more beneficial that is to the DexiZone operator. All partnerships must be approved by the DexiDAO and use clear language and documentation produced by the DexiDAO. Local and regional relationships should be actively pursued but they must all meet the requirements of and approval from the DexiDAO. Furthermore, national and international partnerships that are made by the DexiDAO must be honored in all DexiZones by all DexiZone operators.

In instances in which there may be a conflict of interest, the DexiDAO will determine the required course of action.
DexiZone operators will have the full technical and business support of the DexiDAO to best ensure the success of any individual DexiZone. Additionally, as stated before, a DexiZone operator may receive permission from the DexiDAO to “sublet” sections of their zone to other operators. Those operators must be members of the DexiDAO in good standing but they are not required to stake additional DEXI v2 with the DexiDAO. Furthermore, DexiZone operators can, with permission from the DexiDAO, mint collections of NFTs specific to their DexiZone with varying levels of attributes and collectability.