Dexi Hunter gameplay

Play to Earn

DexiHunter is an application that gives users access to a worldwide AR universe, which we affectionately call the Dexiverse. Within the Dexiverse there are AR bounties placed around the globe in the form of tokens, NFTs, and game coins. Collecting these bounties is incredibly rewarding on many levels. First and foremost, individuals can add to their digital portfolio simply by playing the game. Additionally, the players, or “Hunters”, are required to do physical activity to collect the bounties. The app is also fitted with a health tracker to monitor steps, geolocation, and other metrics. The Hunters are rewarded for their participation and have increasing chances to earn more rewards that directly reflect their activity level. Lastly, in order to collect certain tokens or NFT bounties, Hunters must answer one to three questions about the token or NFT they are collecting. This makes the game not only rewarding on a financial and material level but also educational.

Blockchain Assets

Actual Crypto

Tokens and coins that we drop into the AR and allow players to collect. These are represented by coins with an individual project’s logo. Obviously, this will have to be relatively small amounts of that crypto and ideally would only be crypto from projects we are working directly with and they are providing that crypto as a form of an airdrop. We are going to implement a step (or two) that the Hunter/User will have to take in order to collect the asset. There will be a popup screen that requires the Hunter/User to answer a question about that project (multiple choice questions that need to be answered correctly or they can not collect the item) or perform a function like “follow the Twitter or Facebook or Instagram” of that project.


Actual NFTs that the Hunters/Users can collect. These are represented by OBJ files. These NFTs will largely come from the DexiMarketplace and DXG GameEmporium but they can actually come from anywhere and will also have a step in the collection sequence requiring some activity, much like the crypto collection sequence.

Illustration of a store

Non-Blockchain Assets


A non-blockchain in-game currency that can be collected in our games or purchased through in-game purchases on the AppStore and PlayStore. In the Dexi Hunter app, DexiCash is represented by a coin with the DexiCash logo. The purpose of DexiCash is for the project to maintain a reproducible non-blockchain currency that will be used throughout the entire Dexioprotocol gaming ecosystem. Hunters/Users will be able to use their DexiCash to upgrade their DexiBadges and gain access to DexiZones (more on these concepts below.) Throughout our entire gaming ecosystem as well as in countries where crypto is banned, or in instances in which individuals are unable to participate in blockchain-based gaming (for example, minors in the United States), we will have non-blockchain based assets available for purchase with DexiCash. This will range from in-game items and products within our gaming ecosystem to merchandise from the DexiStore. This has the potential to make DexiHunter, as well as all of our other games, viable in China and other countries where crypto is currently not permitted, as well as create a vast interconnected ecosystem of gaming assets. Note: Hunters/Users will be required to use specific amounts of Dexigas (DXG) in order to make “requests” to have their actual blockchain assets sent to their private wallets (more on this below.)

QR Codes

Digital coupons redeemable at businesses with whom we partner. QR codes are represented by a generic QR code image with the logo of the business it is from.

Photo of a woman using a QR code
DexiZones logo

DexiZones are select points of interest such as, but not limited to; parks, monuments, museums, and shopping centers. These DexiZones have rare bounties as well as unique experiences for our Hunters to enjoy. Some of these zones will be sold to the highest bidder and a portion of all bounties collected in each zone will go to the owner of that zone. This resource will provide an invaluable tool for partnering businesses to promote, sponsor, and run special events as well as target very specific audiences.

DexiBadges icon

DexiBadges are upgradable NFTs sold on the DexiMarketplace. There are 5 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Dexonium. Each ascending level gives the Hunter more access to the application, the ability to request more blockchain assets, and collect more bounties. The badge tracks the kilometers the Hunter walks and upgrades to the next level of badge based on certain parameters. DexiBadges are an essential component of the economic model of DexiHunter.