DexiHunter is a mobile gaming application that gives its players access to a worldwide augmented reality (AR) universe, which we affectionately call the Dexiverse. Within the Dexiverse there are AR bounties placed around the globe in the form of crypto, NFTs, QR codes (partner business vouchers), gaming assets, and DexiCash; an in-game currency used throughout the entire Dexioprotocol gaming ecosystem to purchase non-blockchain items that can both improve game-play as well as add to the aesthetics of a player’s profile.

Blockchain Assets

Actual Crypto

Hunters are able to collect various cryptocurrencies in AR which they are able to later redeem for the actual digital assets. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary bounties are placed throughout the Dexiverse in AR Rockets that the Hunters must find and launch in order to collect their bounty. A list of current cryptocurrencies being dropped for collection in the application is available on the “Bounty Rewards” page.


NFTs that the Hunters can collect and then redeem for the actual NFT asset are placed throughout the Dexiverse. DEXI CreatorHub and GameVault NFTs can be found along with the NFTs of projects Dexioprotocol partners within the application.

Non-Blockchain Assets


A non-blockchain in-game currency that can be collected in our games, purchased on our website, or purchased through in-game purchases on the AppStore and PlayStore. Collected DexiCash can be used to purchase many different non-blockchain assets within the Dexioprotocol gaming ecosystem.

Gaming Assets

Different game assets from our other games can be found and redeemed using DexiCash in DexiHunter. Hunters are able to add to their non-blockchain inventory of game assets for DexiDragons, DexiCarnival, DexiKnights, and DexiRacer by simply collecting those assets in DexiHunter and using varying amounts of DexiCash to redeem them on the spot.

Business Vouchers

Digital coupons redeemable at businesses around the world.

Image displaying a DexiCash lootbox from the game DexiHunter
DexiBadges icon

DexiBadges are upgradable NFTs sold on the GameVault. These NFTs track the activity of a Hunter throughout their experiences in the application and are awarded “badges” for varying levels of activity and achievements. The badges then give Hunters access to special bounties, limited offers on the AppStore and PlayStore, and discounts within the Dexioprotocol ecosystem.

Animated video displaying a DexiBadge found in the game DexiHunter