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In accordance with our mission of sustainability, we have developed a suite of arcade and carnival mini-games with the intention of capturing more user attention and providing a variety of gaming experiences. User retention and average user time spent in our applications increases as we provide layers and options for our community.

Players are able to use their DexiCash throughout the “carnival” of games to win prizes and add items to their player profiles which can be used in other games within our ecosystem.

As of the publishing of this document, there are 5 mini-games but we will continue to add more games to the carnival over time. The current games in DexiCarnival are:

1- Plinko
AKA “coin drop”, allows a player to use their DexiCash to drop coins onto a table where a slider may or may not push more DexiCash and/or special prizes into that player’s vault.

2- Skeeball
Players can win DexiCash and other prizes by racking up points in this arcade favorite.

3- Air Hockey
Players can compete against several different opponents, attempting to score the most goals and win DexiCash and other prizes.

4- Claw Machine
Using DexiCash, players can take a turn with the claw and attempt to grab a prize from the prize pool and return it to their inventory.

5- Ballista
Using a crossbow, players can shoot balloons filled with prizes. The balloons are constantly being shuffled so the player must use some skill and luck to collect the best inventory items.

More information about the integrated business mechanics of DexiHunter, DexiKnights, DexiDragons, and DexiCarnival will be available in a document titled: Dexioprotocol Gaming Operational Mechanics.