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DEXI (Dexioprotocol)

DEXI is our native token and will be used for:

1- DEXI will be used to pair with other tokens we list on our network.

2- DEXI will be staked to receive DexiGov, a non-blockchain asset that gives its holders the ability to become validators on the network as well as earn dividends from corporate profits.

3- DEXI will be used to stake in order for non-validators to “mine” DXG.

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DXG (Dexigas)

DXG is the in-game currency and gas token which will be used for:

1- DXG will be used as the in-game currency for blockchain based transactions.

2- DXG will be used for gas fees on the network.‍

3- DXG will be rewarded to people who stake their DEXI in the DexiWallet.


Add the new Cronos Contract Address to your Wallet now:

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A comprehensive document describing the objectives, products, and mission of Dexioprotocol.

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A pictographic representation of the milestones both achieved and in progress.

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3rd party analyses of the code that forms the basis of our developed smart contract technology.