The CreatorHub allows for minting NFTs by independent creators and artists. NFTs are predominantly minted using DEXI as the currency of trade. However, it is possible for us to allow for other currencies of trade on the site. For instance, we could allow creators to mint and require that their NFTs be bought and sold in CRO, MATIC, ETH, AVAX, or any other currency we choose to allow the creators to use. Once the NFT is minted, the currency can not be changed. This will benefit partnerships by allowing other projects to mint in their own currency as well as provide flexibility in light of the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Creators are able to set their royalty fees for their NFTs from 0-20% which is then permanently displayed on that NFT in the CreatorHub. These royalty fees are paid out instantly to the creator upon every resale of their work. This ensures that creators are continuously rewarded in a transparent way so that future sellers of the work are fully aware of the royalty fee that will be paid out to the creator upon resale. There is also a 2% fee charged to every seller by the Emporium. Those funds go to Dexioprotocol and are used in the operations of the project.

There is a NFT contract address for the CreatorHub itself where the NFTs are stored on the blockchain and there is also a Market contract address where any NFT that is put up for sale or auction resides. This allows for multiple levels of flexibility in our system for auctions and security.

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