Business Model

Our Plan

Dexioprotocol has an ambitious plan to generate revenue in three primary ways: Gaming, Advertising, and Networking. Though these three revenue streams will be interconnected, they will each be able to independently generate revenue through multiple sub-streams. While most of our advertising revenue will be built into the DexiHunter App itself, we will have opportunities to develop partnerships with companies of all sizes through the Smart Dexio Network, DexiSwap, and DexiMarketplace.


As part of our hybrid blockchain-traditional business model, we will be generating revenue through the sale of DexiCash, our non-blockchain in-game currency. That revenue will be used to support the business of Dexioprotocol as well as in several innovative ways within our ecosystem. Revenue that is generated by facilitating listings on the Smart Dexio Network will also lead to opportunities to develop additional revenue within our gaming portfolio. Projects we work with in the DexiHunter App may also choose to work with us in the DexiWallet promoted tokens and staking pools. Peer-to-peer lending and competitive APY rates on the DexiWallet combined with sponsorship programs for partnering tokens will provide yet another revenue stream. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Our Goal

The goal is to create a vast ecosystem of games and interdependent relationships within our apps, wallet, network, NFT platform, and exchange that generate the maximum amount of revenue while providing the highest level of value to our partners, gamers, and sponsors.

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A comprehensive document describing the objectives, products, and mission of Dexioprotocol.

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A pictographic representation of the milestones both achieved and in progress.

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3rd party analyses of the code that forms the basis of our developed smart contract technology.