Business Model

Dexioprotocol Inc. is a registered corporation in the State of Delaware, USA. Currently, there are 2 shareholders, Gregory Gould of Ohio, USA and Don Reyke of Amsterdam, Netherlands. There are subsidiary companies owned independently by Mr. Gould and Mr. Reyke that fall under the umbrella of Dexioprotocol Inc. Dexioprotocol Inc. is the sole owner of all of the products developed and deployed by Dexioprotocol and is subject to US laws and regulations.

We have created an independent ecosystem with interdependent relationships within our applications that generate the maximum amount of revenue while providing the highest level of value to our partners, gamers, and sponsors. This is achieved by balancing token utility and crypto revenue generation with traditional business mechanics and fiat revenue models:

1 - Direct Fiat Revenue:

a - The sale of crypto & NFT Reward Redemptions on our website and on the AppStore and PlayStore.
b - The sale of subscriptions on the AppStore and PlayStore for varying levels of access within the games.
c - The sale of DexiCash on our website and on the AppStore and PlayStore.
d - The sale of business packages for our parters to include vouchers in our ecosystem.
e - The sale of Merchandise on the DexiMerchStore, an online store for Dexioprotocol-approved merchandise.

2 - Direct Crypto Revenue:

a - The sale of DEXI GameVault NFTs.
b - Royalty fees from the sale of DEXI GameVault and CreatorHub NFTs.
c - The sale of DexiZone NFTs and royalty fees built into the resale of those NFTs.
d - Royalty fees from partnering projects dropping their tokens and NFTs in the bounty system. 
e - Taxes on transactions conducted on DexiSwap.

3 - Advertising & Marketing Revenue:

a - Billboards and interactive spaces can be created in AR anywhere in the world for our partners and sold to the highest bidder.
b - Sponsorship opportunities for the PVP bracketed tournaments in DexiKnights, DexiDragons, and DexiRacer.
c - Ad space can be sold in any of the environments of DexiKnights, DexiDragons, DexiRacer and DexiCarnival.
d - Specialized branded assets can be sold for use in the gameplay.
e - Analytic data harvesting.

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A comprehensive document describing the objectives, products, and mission of Dexioprotocol.

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A pictographic representation of the milestones both achieved and in progress.

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3rd party analyses of the code that forms the basis of our developed smart contract technology.